bridging the gap for success

We are a College Preparatory Program Preparing High School Juniors, Seniors and College Aged Learners for their Future


our mission

Our Mission...

Is to provide meaningful and comprehensive college prep services, through the lens of the executive functions, learning theory and personal learning style. WCP prepares students for college, work and life in highly supportive & prescribed programs built for each individual learner.

making a difference

What We Offer


a highly supportive environment

A La Carte Offerings


Landmark College

WCP is honored to partner with Landmark College to offer Dual Enrollment. These courses build academic skills in a success based online environment. Courses from Landmark are online via Canvas, but WCP offers a supportive process, with a highly qualified academic coach to ensure student success. Students who successfully complete each Landmark course, receive college credit. 


1:1 College Coaching

This highly individualized and prescribed program begins with a complete record review, curriculum-based assessments and goal setting with the student and family. All college coaches have at least a master’s degree and have committed their career to learning theory and special education. This service is offered in-person or via Zoom.


1:1 Life Coaching

Life coaching focuses on critical life and social skills for students who require direct instruction, modeling, and repeated practice of valuable life-skills, career skills, and academic skills. Our life coaches are empathic, motivating, and supportive. Life coaching begins with goal setting and may include personal finances, planning social events, academic and social-emotional wrap around support.


Transition Consulting

Meet with Gerri Fleming - our highly qualified and celebrated special education transition consultant. Gerri books hourly sessions where a variety of foundational topics can be discussed from Transition under IDEA to understanding the postsecondary accommodation process under Section 504 of the Rehabilitation Act and the Americans with Disabilities Act of 2008, helping you navigate next steps with your student.


SAT/ACT Test Prep

Standardized test scores can open doors to life’s opportunities; however, these tests can be challenging, especially for students with learning disabilities. Inattention and executive dysfunction can all artificially and unfairly deflate these critical test scores. However, everyone deserves a fair chance and a level playing field as they pursue their college dreams.

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