Distance Learning Model

We heard from families, we listened, and we filled a gap that has long existed in the special education space. We are thrilled students from around the country now have the opportunity to enroll in our virtual program. WCP LIVE is a distance learning model molded after our in-person instruction.

All Students enrolled in LIVE will log in via Google Classroom and take all their courses virtually. WCP provides a supportive process to ensure the success of each student. Our distance learning students receive the same quality of instr
uction as our students on our Connecticut campus.

wherever you are located

Our LIVE Program Includes...


WCP LIVE Courses

Students will take 1 WCP LIVE course per semester. Students can choose from English Class, College Seminar in Wellness, or an elective. Additional ​LIVE courses may be added for students ready for an additional challenge. LIVE students will be in a highly supportive environment to ensure they are successful in all aspects of our program offerings.


Dual Enrollment

  • LIVE offers Dual Enrollment with Landmark College. Courses from Landmark are taken virtually but we provide support to our students to ensure success. Students will take 1 Landmark course per semester.


Community Internships

  • Students may participate in a community based internship. Our director will facilitate the internship process with each student in their home state, and will also act as a school liaison and communicate with the internship regularly.


Academic Coaching

  • LIVE students receive (2) 50 minute 1:1 academic coaching sessions. These sessions will be designed to support all academic work for the WCP LIVE courses as well as Landmark College coursework. Heavy on executive function training, these sessions will be a valuable tool in ensuring academic success.


Cohort Meetup

  • LIVE students will be able to participate in our virtual weekly Cohort Meet-Up. This meeting provides an opportunity for students to ask their instructor clarifying questions, socialize with other students in their cohort, discuss upcoming events and assignments. 

Distance Learning with Landmark

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