bridging the gap for success

We are a College Preparatory Program Preparing High School Juniors, Seniors and College Aged Learners for their Future.


What we do

Our Mission...

is to provide meaningful and comprehensive college prep services, through the lens of the executive functions, learning theory and personal learning style. WCP prepares students for college, work and life in a highly supportive & prescribed programs built for each individual learner.

making a difference

What We Offer.


a highly supportive environment

Additional Wrap Around Services we Provide...


Academic Coaching

Solidify additional postsecondary skills needed like reading, writing, and mathematics in individualized and highly supportive coaching sessions.


Life Coaching

Money management, social interactions, life skills, and adaptive living skills are just a few of the topics covered in young adult life coaching sessions.


Assessments & Testing

Young adulthood is the perfect time to update psychological and achievement tests and assessments with a clinical psychologist licensed to diagnose.​


College Consulting

Transitions can be complicated, therefore we offer a full scope of school placement and job readiness services as students transition to or from WCP.


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